Lutherville Timonium, Maryland

After being with Encompass for three years and NO claims whatsoever on my auto OR home, what possible excuse would make my auto renewal show a $350 more a year increase??!! What excuse would an insurance company have for raising auto rates over $300 a year?

Why do we have insurance? I'm stressed if I have an accident; they may drop me! I have a large list of package discounts, including claim free discount, no points discount, package discount... obviously that doesn't mean anything!

I am certainly shopping around..

Bye bye Encompass! I am sure Geico or State Farm or Allstate will give me much more realistic numbers!

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Encompass Insurance Cons: Policy changes.

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My home insurance has gone up 20% every year for no reason. Same excuse every year "they went through some rates adjustment"


I agree! They go up every year even though I am established as GOOD DRIVER & GOOD PAY...I will be leaving them as well.


FYI: NOT Allstate, they joined Encompass and are now one in the same & Allstate would rather give you a heart attach than a nickel so RUN... I Loved Geico when I had their car insurance.