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What happened to good customer service????

Situation: I refinanced my mortgage using the same company I was already financed under failed to contact Encompass with the updated account information, which caused Encompass to not get their home ins payment. I spoke with 3 customer service reps on 3 different occasions. Rep 1. Avoiding the cancellation:I called Encompass with the mortgage company on the phone verifying I had ins and to work with Encompass to get them a payment because the money was in my escrow acct. The CSR at Encompass advised she would notate the account about the new account no# and that they were sending the mortgage com the bill with the new acct no# on it so that they could get paid and speak with the billing department to hold the account from cancelling. Of Course she never full notated the account nor did she speak with the billing department. ....

Rep2.: We have the payment I will contact the billing department to see if they will reinstate the account;:: Once again myself and the mortgage company contacts Encompass. The CSR advised they did receive the payment and the date received. She than advised that she will speak with the billing department and see if they will apply the payment to the accounnt and reinstate the home ins. She said she will call me back in a few days with an update. Of course that call never happened. Once again another liar only notates that basis of the call but no details as to what she would do to so call help me with my situation.

After 2 attempts of getting help with the matter and getting a letter that my car ins was going from 230 - 308 per month I cancelled my car insurance.

Rep3. I'm not trying to help you and I just want to review the notes and dispute you about everything and let you know you are not getting your money until we receive the cancellation letter for you car ins that we sent to you. Basically it's all the customer fault so what we cancelled your ins. deal with it.

I have worked in customer service for years and always take ownership of the situation be it my fault or not. The object is to keep the customer and build the business. Make all customers fell they are important. Not at Encompass

Product or Service Mentioned: Encompass Insurance Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Encompass Insurance Cons: Worst.

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