Phoenix, Arizona

this is one of the WORST insurance companies i have ever dealt with.

it took them a week and a half just to eek out a rental car. i have completed all the paperwork and they said it would be here today so i had to stay home from work just to sign a ups package that never showed up. turns out those people haven't even sent that check for the totalled car that from a week before i finally got the rental. oh, and when i called to ask how they were coming along, they redirected me to someone who didn't even answer the phone that they seem to rely so much on,so i had to leave a message and wait.

take it from me, don't waste your money on them, they SUCK. they have a zero star rating and falling. i feel as if this is mental harassment.

Monetary Loss: $2800.

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stan, its a porsche not a porche a porch is where you sit and shoot the breeze, a porsche is what you drive around in. Next time you total your datsun, complain elsewhere.


If they only approvde $25 a day that means that's all the coverage you had. Should have read your policy.


Good for you. Please file a complaint to let them know that we as consumers will not take anymore from them.

Encompass is full of ***, 1 of their drivers hit my car. She then told the police one thing at the scene and told encompass (her company) something totally different. They first said they would cover my rental vehicle, then when the bill reached 2 grand (in just 35days) they said they would find it a 50/50 loss, which I was not accepting b/c I had done nothing wrong. The next week they just flat out denied the claim.

Even though all evidence pointed at their insured being guilty.

BTW on top of that she ignored them for 30 days (guess she had 2 come up with another lie about the accident scene). I will be filling a complaint with the insurance bureau for my state and also the BBB.


Bad personal experience with them a few years ago. Knowing what I know now, I had a bad faith case against them.

But FYI, Stan..

the $ you require for rental and taxi service comes from the total claim amount. Youre only hurting yourself with the splurge.


Sorry, I forgot, for me they "approved" $25 a day. I got a *** American car that didn't have a sunroof, a disc changer, the air conditioning sucked (it's over 100 degrees) plus I had to hold the automatic window thingy to roll the window all the way up. I miss my Porche....


Just an fyi, for the next person that has to deal with this *** insurance company. Encompass uses Enterprise for their rentals. If you get a rental from Enterprise they (Encompass) will pay for the rental.

Don't be a nancyboy, stand up to them and MAKE them pay for the rental before they approved it.

They also pay for taxicabs, if you have the cash take a taxi everywhere until they "approve" the rental.