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An elderly lady covered by Encompass insurance ran a stop sign never applying her brakes crossing the intersection that is not a four way. When she did, my husband was entering the intersection with right of way.

The front of his car was already into the intersection and barreled across at a high rate of speed. He t boned her driver side between her front tire and car door. The police tickets went to the lady and police report states the lady said "Iran the stop sign. I should not have been driving".

Encompass is trying to tell us that they thing we are 10% at fault and she was 90%. They never answer or return phone calls.

They definitely are a terrible insurance company. I would never use or recommend them!

Product or Service Mentioned: Encompass Insurance Claim.

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I just had a terrible experience with them- they are very rude and unethical. We even had a video to prove to no fault and they stated 20% our fault.

Terrible people and insurance company. Hard to believe companies like them stay in business.