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I fixed a beautifull 2007 Benz S550 with 27.000 miles on it.

ENCOMPASS approved the repairs with new OEM parts, but then after the repairs were done,they found some used parts. They reduced the amount they would pay for the repairs by over $1500.

I had already delivered the car to my customer. This is Ridiculous. I've been repairing cars for customer for a long time and they can't go back after the repairs are done & change their mind.

The new parts are painted and installed. They are always pulling stunts like this! I think they are one Crappy company.

Gerald Young, Mid Cal Body Shop..

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You should have called the insurance commissioner's office and fought encompass. What they did was definitely illegal.

It still may not be to late to file a complaint (and take it to small claims). Good luck!

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