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On April 20, 2017, my son was driving home. He stopped at a red light and after assuring no traffic was approaching, turned right on red.

He proceeded in the right lane on a main street. Encompass' insured who hit him was in the left lane, at a complete stop ahead of him, behind someone waiting to turn left into a shopping center. She became impatient and tried to pass the that vehicle, striking my son in the left rear of our car. The police were called, insured admitted she wasn't paying attention and clipped the car.

The police wrote a citation for improper lane change to her. The Encompass adjuster assigned to our claim is Carole Taylor and we live in Harrison, Ohio (outside Cincinnati). She told my husband that since my son had turned right on red he was actually the person who caused the accident. There is no way this is possible, his turning onto the street had nothing to do with the accident.

My husband told the rep their insured would have hit our son even if he turned right on green or any color as it had nothing to do with her improper lane change. We told adjuster that her insured was cited and admitted fault but she said her insured had decided to change her story. We have no option except to file through our own company and pay deductible and hope they can subrogate or sue insured in small claims court. Have NEVER encountered such a cold, rude adjuster who would offer no real facts or discuss what happened, other than with our underage son, saying even tho we own and insure auto we have nothing to do with this.

She simply said they arent accepting liability. She hadn't even requested a copy of the police report before making decision. I faxed it to her, but she said it wouldn't make a difference. This company is shady, has crappy adjusters with no customer service skills.

Would never be insured by them and hope never to deal with them again. Have no choice but to sue their insured in small claims court.


Review about: Encompass Insurance Auto Claim.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Pay my claim.

I didn't like: Customer service.

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In tx as in most states when dealing with a miner child, the parent is who should be handling all phases of

the claim and with your permission the claims rep will ask to record the child's statement.

Cincinnati, Ohio, United States #1349125

Finally resolved and Encompass is paying !!!!

Harrison, Ohio, United States #1342200

Our own company Allstate, who laughingly enough is the parent company of Encompass, is trying very hard to get this covered for is. The adjuster refuses to allow our adjuster to talk to her supervisor.

Our insurance company says their driver (after reviewing statements and police report) is 100% responsible for the accident.

The only thing we can do is put it through our ins and have them try to subrogate (lol) or sue in small claims and that from what I hear is a horrible process. Ridiculous


What baloney.

Remember, the adjuster's job is ....

um, .... delay , no ... deny, tantrum , etc.

Stop calling people and start getting it in writing.

Hire a lawyer.

I hate these companies and if you truly believe you are 100% clean, don't take their baloney.

to Anonymous #1397181

Actually they don't want to delay because that costs money and manpower and increased likelihood of customer dissatisfaction. They do however want to make sure they should be paying and not the other company.

I agree, in these cases letting the adjuster and company know that you intend to seek legal advice can really speed things up. Chances are it'll never even make it to court before they come up with a resolution.

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