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This is a complaint of how an auto injury claim was handled regarding our son (insured on policy). A decision was made that our son was not at fault and overturned AFTER the letters went out.

An attorney for the other driver produced a witness AFTER he was advised his client was at fault. Our claims investigator took that statement from witness AFTER she made her initial findings for our son. A photo/tape was obtained by me (an attorney I paid to get tape) from an MTA bus at the scene and sent to adjuster TAMMY (no last name ever given) & adj. Julie that clearly shows our car made a (R) turn on a ONE WAY STREET and the car that turned (R) NEXT (after ) him - hit him so hard from behind that her car hit the back & continued forward up the entire passenger side of my car.

Pushing our car -semi sideways. The young female driver tried to leave the scene and was blocked. She then made a call and someone (the supposed witness) showed up in a white car. Julie (our agent) was told this in the original interview by M****** (our son) "A lady came that the driver knew".

After obtaining the tape for TAMMY to reconsider her overturned initial decision....she refused. She has also refused to return the tape that I got for them. I want the tape to hire an attorney to debate this decision. I am tired of being underserved by my own insurance company.

Encompass adjusters were aware of the bus tape and made no attempt to retrieve possibly proving their insured was not at fault- saving Encompass thousands and defending their insured. This lack of "working for the 20+ year customer of Encompass" is what is INFURIATING to us. My son and a passenger were hit from behind on a one way street by a car that turned (R) AFTER him. Cut and made up witness story is ok.

PERIOD. Unless these agents are investigated and reprimanded for sloppy work on this claim --- we will be leaving Encompass insurance after being 20 plus year customers with 5 cars fully insured (max coverage on all) and a homeowners policy.

We are tired of being under served by the agents of this company. ks

Product or Service Mentioned: Encompass Insurance Claim.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $10000.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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WHY all the CAPITAL letters???


Because they're PISSED OFF ...


Off with their heads.

I hope your son and his passenger are AOK.

An already awful experience for any parent made worse by a lousy insurance company,

My Dad always said that he thought it was beneficial in an educational sense when each of us had our first more-than-fender-bender experience especially since we all walked away unhurt.

I think you've already decided to bail and shop around for new insurance.