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My father in law was with encompass for 20 years and he never recieved a single cent from them. As things went wrong with his house, the roof leaked, the foundation was poor, theft from cars in the driveway...the list goes on and on. Somehow Encompass always had a reason to not pay. My father in law had to cover repairs and replacements himself until costs were too great and he was forced to sell the house my wife grew up in.

He then moved to an apartment and got renters insurance though encompass. He passed away in the apartment in a very unfortunate accident. Due to the accident we had to have a biohazard team come in and clean the apartment. We were assured by the Chaplin that renters insurance would cover the costs. However, when we called the insurance company imagine our surprise to find out they had decided not to cover that either. The woman on the phone was extremely rude to our wife on the phone. We had our lawyer call the company and they lady was extremely rude TO THE LAWYER.

We called the Chaplin that had informed us that the costs would be covered by insurance, she called some of her friends in the same business and they all confirmed that they had never heard of an insurance agency not covering a bio-hazard clean.

They still have not paid. This company is one of the most corrupt organizations i have ever encountered. If you want insurance simply so you can tell people that you have insurance, I am sure this is a great company. If you ever want to collect on a claim, forget it. It would honestly have been better for my father in law to have no insurance than to have gone with encompass.

The only thing this company "encompasses" is the very definition of a bad insurance company.

Product or Service Mentioned: Encompass Insurance Claim.

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Evert single person on here has complained about something that IS NOT Encompass fault. They dont pay you to replace an old rooof.

How retarded are you?? ***!


this note is for Dih6..you stated "My father in law was with encompass for 20 years and he never recieved a single cent from them. As things went wrong with his house, the roof leaked, the foundation was poor" and he never received a cent from encompass...Insurance companies are not there to cover a leaking roof (unless from a storm) or a foundation that is poor, if this was the case no one would up keep their home and just turn in a claim when a roof needs to be replaced/fixed/shingles etc...othewise everyone's rates would be through the roof. I think your missing the boat on what insurance is for...as for the cars being stolen from the driveway did he have full coverage on them? Where the cars recovered?

Also please understand that renters policy is for your contents and not structure not for bio hazard clean up...the owner has ins for structural coverage.

With renters insurance coverage, your personal property can be insured for losses due to a variety of reasons, including:

•Break In






•Earthquake (optional and available in California only)


I am right now so mad at Encompass...We filed a wind claim and a water damage claim last year..they paid just fine. I had called in a claim about 2 years before this but decided to not submit any claim on some damage to my kitchen (I decided to just fix it myself) little did I know that would also show up as a claim!!!!!

I am suddenly cancelled and can not get insurance on my home and now have to go with Ohio FAIR Plan (that is a joke) My insurance was quoted at $1300 per year and I just got the actual bill and it is $2566 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you so much Encompass........You are NOT in good hands with Allstate.....(had I known this was Allstate when I first changed from my old company I sure would not have gone with them.... :(