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I owned two homes a car and figured I'd get a quote, and it was less than what I was paying at the time so I went for it. I was being CHEAP.

And I paid for it, the quote increase AFTER the other policies were cancelled, and like the others stated, you went through it to terminate the policies. I was lucky enough that one of the cancellations hadn't gone through and i was able to pick that back up. I also received letters and call from collections about money I supposedly owed them. I wasn't able to terminate my own home owners insurance, and due to my laziness it been two years of paying high premiums, I final found another insurance company and ask to terminate the policy in August, back to June, they wanted to see that I had insurance since June, this was given to them.

My premiums of $800+ for the year and was paid in full when I got my refund it was for $326 now you tell me WHAT are they chargind f$500+ for three months.

I questioned and still haven't gotten answers, at this time I going to the state insurance administration for help. If you are thinking about using them DON'T DO IT!

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I had encompass insurance and paid about $67 a month. I have no negative marks on my driving record.

Now it went up to $92 a month.

A 35% increase from last year and their best excuse was "The state of MD agreed to this." The state agrees up to 12% increas...not 35%. What a way to punish their good drivers.

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