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I was in an auto accident on 4-13-2012..hit by a drunk driver and a hit and run. A couple of weeks after the accident Encompass called me and asked me if they could move my car to a storage free facility.Without hesitating I said yes, after all I didn't think anything was wrong with that since it was my insurance company calling and asking.

To my surprise Encompass decided to get in the middle of this claim that I had with the other insurance company, they filed a law suit againt the other insurance company and so now I am having to deal with ENCOMPASS to settle for my property damage claim..that may not sound bad untill you find out that ENCOMPASS (my insurance company) is trying to offer me less for my car than the other insurance company did with their 1st offer!!!!! Thats pretty *** if you ask me, since I have had home owners insurance with them for the past 5 yrs. and auto insurance with them 15 + yrs.

Also just and added note , since all of this had been going on to date 7/22/2012 I still have not gotten a settlement for my car, and found out that they have had my home way over insured so much that if something happened to my home I could of had 3-4 other homes just like mine rebuilt.I definitely do not recommend anyone trying to get any kind of insurance thru ENCOMPASS. You may think you are saving alot of money when they give you a quote..but down the road you better hope you don't have to file a claim for anything cause you are **** out of luck!

Product or Service Mentioned: Encompass Insurance Claim.

Monetary Loss: $8000.

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I was towing a trailer that was hit by an Encompass policy holder on 5/23/12 in SC. I was declared to not have contributed to the accident while the Encompass policy holder was found to have contributed to the accident.

Yesterday, it was two months since my trailer was damaged.

All I can get out of the Encompass agent is "I'm still waiting on the police report". I will soon be in contact with the state insurance commision and the licensing board for this agent.