San Antonio, Texas

Upon receiving my new bill I send them this response today 10/15/2015

Just received my annual car insurance bill. You guys went up again close to 30% are you gone mad. Last year you increased our rate already by over $100.00. Our cars are getting older no accidents or claims what so ever and you have the gull to hit us with about a 30% increase. Shame on you. After having been insured with you for almost 20 years. You are fired and me being an internet marketer I will take to the blogs and write about my experience with your outfit.

Cheers may the Greed be with you

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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Encompass renewal is the worst i have ever seen they always increases even with perfect records. we received one speeding violation and Encompass raised my rate 15% and threatened to kick me off the policy. Really the company is a joke!


Wow I agree! After being with Encompass for 3 years, no claims on my home OR auto; I just received my auto renewal quote and it was over $300 more a year!

WTF? What's their excuse?