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Update by user Jan 07, 2016

Yesterday, Encompass changed their story again about why they are denying me payment. I was told several times the denial was because an arbitration between Encompass and my insurance company had not awarded my insurance company any dollar amount (even though my company could not legally submit a claim on my behalf because I have liability insurance only).

No they are telling me my daughter is at fault. Two days ago their driver pleaded nolo in probate court and yesterday I was sent a letter telling me Encompass has decided we were at fault for the accident.

Letter content:

• The name referencing the case was wrong.

• A sentence regarding the witness testimony is the first time I have even heard about a witness. My wife was at the scene of the accident and no witnesses were there.

• Encompass told me last week and this week they would email me the arbitration documentation between Encompass and American Family which they did not attach nor does it sound as though they will be.

• How can an insurance company decide my daughter was at fault when the other driver was cited with a ticket at the scene of the accident and on Tuesday pleaded nolo contendere. • Would American Family Insurance accept this letter and decision from Encompass? I don’t know but I don’t think so. I think Encompass believes they can avoid paying for my damages because I am an individual standing alone and they can do whatever is favorable to them.

Encompass knows it will cost me more to fight them then it probably is worth.

I don't agree with those kinds of ethics. • They continue to change their story to fit whatever they need to say to avoid paying for my damages.

Original review posted by user Jan 04, 2016

My vehicle was involved with an Encompass insured driver that was given a ticket by the attending police office. I only have liability.

We filed a claim with Encompass in April 2015. Now, it's January 2016. Encompass has not paid me for my damages nor are they going to. I will have to take them them to small claims court to try to get payment.

Here's the loop hole: My insurance company did not file a claim on my behalf because they legally can not. I have liability only. Therefore, they are not entitled a claim on my vehicle. Encompass filed a claim against my company, American Family.

This was all done without me knowing. An arbitration ruling between the two companies found neither company at fault for payment. We were found not responsible for the Encompass claim. Encompass was not required to pay anything because American Family did not file a claim (they legally can not).

I'm stuck with my repairs. This isn't right and I believe Encompass is doing this with full knowledge.

Product or Service Mentioned: Encompass Insurance Auto Insurance.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

Monetary Loss: $2400.

Preferred solution: Encompass pays me for my damages..

Encompass Insurance Cons: Handling of claims.

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