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After an Encompass customer hit my car, she got out, apologized and admitted it was her fault. She told the police it was her fault.

She told my insurance company and Encompass that it was her fault. Encompass' adjuster is incompetent and nasty. When I was not subservient, he decided to stall on a settlement. 7 weeks after the accident, he says he has not been able to settle the claim because he doesn't have a recorded statement from his insured.

We do, why doesn't he.

We will end up having to sue over what started out as a simple - and inexpensive - accident with no dispute. Encompass should rename itself "Incompetent."

Product or Service Mentioned: Encompass Insurance Claim.

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Kota Tinggi, Johor, Malaysia #106721

It is most insurance companies policy not to settle on a claim until they are able to contact their insured. That not incompetent that's is good business.

I know if I was an insured and my insurance company settled a claim with out talking to me I would be very upset.

I was in an accident and had to wait a month for the other insurance company to get in contact with their insured. He was a fire fighter and there were a lot of fires at the time.

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