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Most of the complaints on this thread are as a result of buyer incompetence or demonstrate borderline fraudulent behavior. Consumers always seem to neglect their own responsibilities after a claim, or they don't realize a vacant house after 60 days is not covered, or that when they have a 4-family posing as a 1-family house, they will get a prorated claim payment, or if they rent their house out and don't live there that they have no coverage; or if they use their house to run a business out of and they have a loss, they aren't covered.

Also, a lot of the complaining on this thread is clearly written by attorneys bad-mouthing a carrier and trolling for cases. You can tell by their sophisticated language.

Product or Service Mentioned: Encompass Insurance Claim.

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Apparently you have not read the other messages in this thread. There is nothing especially "sophisticated" about them. Picking my way through the bad grammar, poor spelling, random capitalization, and nearly incoherent thoughts, I find story after story after people who have been wronged by employees of Encompass Insurance.

To assert that these negative reviews are the work of attorneys "trolling for cases" is laughable.


You're full of ***. You work for Encompass. They are total *** just like YOU!