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I was in an accident on 9/5/13 and was not at fault, the other insurance excepted liability right away. In the mean time my insurance adjuster had strongly recommended a certain shop and said that if I went with them he could have my car towed right away, he could set it up and have the guy from the shop call me. Not knowing any better I said sure you know more about these things then I do. He said I wouldn't be disappointed it is a state of the art shop. Two days later the guy from the shop calls and asks me where the tool is to *** my lug nuts is, I replied that I had no idea. He seemed upset and I asked if he had a tool for it and he said he did not and kept asking me where I thought it was.

I called Encompass insurance company to tell them about this call because I thought they should know how a preferred shop was treating one of their customers.

I was told by my agent that he was not a adjuster so he couldn't help me.(not sure what that had to do with it but ok.) He had the adjuster call me, when I called him back I did not receive a call back from him but the shop called me to tell me my car was ready and I could come get it.

He told me when I come to bring the 500.00 check that they sent me for a deductible to sign over. I told them I needed to check with my dad who use to be an adjuster about his schedule because he wanted to come with me but in the mean time he wanted me to ask did you use factory parts or after market parts? He told me factory, I said ok I will let him know and it would be tomorrow, he reminded me again to bring the 500.00 check.

The next day he called and said he didn't have to blend out the paint so just cash the check and keep a hundred dollars, I said what? He said yeah I didn't think you would mind an extra 100.00 in your pocket. ( Please notice that both days I was told my car was ready to be picked up the only thing that changed was the day and the price.)

So now back to Encompass, I call my agent again to tell him that what was on the estimate was not done and that I was told to keep the money that wasn't mine. He tells me, he doesn't know the circumstances, he is not an adjuster I have to talk to him.(again) When I talked to the adjuster he tells me this has never happened before, this shop is the biggest shop in the area for insurance jobs, Commerce insurance uses them almost exclusively, on and on and on like I was in the wrong for bringing any of this to anyones attention. He promises me a call from his supervisor and tells me that they will both go out and reinspect the car and he will send me a copy of the estimate which I have yet to receive.

The next time I call my agent, he tells me that the shop is doing what it should, this shop has never done this before the paint was an exact match and that other then that he can't help me. So I ask to speak to his supervisor.

My conversation with her was worse then any other! She tells me the shop did everything they could I should be grateful they spent their own money to have it inspected my a certified dealer collision shop and that this shop is a good one, on and on again AND then when I tell her that Bill was very dismissive she told me that she knew for a fact he wasn't because she was sitting right there when we were on the phone. I said so wait you were right there when I asked to speak to you and you didn't speak to me? She said umm yes but I had to go to a meeting. She then went back to praising all they were doing and I said hold on I asked to speak to you and you were standing next to him and didn't speak to me? I went on to say he was very dismissive and then she said "He was not dismissive I was right there when he said, I will transfer you to my supervisor and I was on my way to a meeting and could not take your call." To which I replied wait a second what you just said is not true I was the one who asked to speak to you. I was the reason we are speaking are you telling me you were there and when I asked to speak to you, you were there and choose not to speak to me? She then said she hears numerous conversations and is just doing all she can to help me. I told her I wanted to speak to her supervisor because by telling me that he said something he did not she had lost all credibility. She said he was out and would not be back and did not want to give me his voice mail and told me there was no other supervisor not even her supervisor had one. She was the boss, she is a manager. She would have her supervisor call me or email me but didn't want me to leave a voice mail, finally she put me through after I asked over and over for any type of supervisor over her.

We shall see where it goes from here but I will be sure to dump them as a company and the only way to get anyone to hear you is here so buyer beware!

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Never ever go to the shop that is recommended by an insurance carrier. There's, yours, whoever.

Never skimp on aftermarket parts so they can save money by lessening the value of your vehicle, and keep that in mind for glass services as well. Get the name of the adjuster and be sure to be consistent with who you communicate with.


Gee I wonder why the ENCOMPASS SUPERVISOR is wring these Reply's as Anonymous so they try to Hide or Dismiss Complaints also??? Is that how ENCOMPASS treats their Customer's now????


I don't see what the complaint is for. The body shop did the job, told you that the car was ready, but you had to wait to bring your dad.

The company does the job and then offers to give you the difference back and you complain? If they were trying to take you, wouldn't they have just charged the insurance company for the full amount of the check?

You complain because the guy from the auto body shop couldn't find the locks to your tires and was a little upset about you not knowing where they were. Guess what?

It's your car!! You should know or have an idea where the key might be. You're just another unsatisfied person who wants everyone to cater to your life and schedule...

As for the supervisor problem, listening to the rest of your story, I'm sure that isn't how everything went.

Again, you're complaining about people not bending over backwards for you when you're the one in the wrong!!

The supervisor should have gotten on the phone with you, but I'm sure that you weren't as reasonable as you're making the story sound, especially from reading the earlier parts of the story.


So let me get this right... you're upset because your insurance company was more generous than they needed to be and the body shop was so skilled they were able to match the factory paint to perfection.

So you have an accident, get your car fixed as if nothing ever happened and come away with money in your pocket. Gee...

I'd be so upset if that happened to me. :roll