Reno, Nevada
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I have had Encompass Homeowners insurance for years!!!! I had my first claim ever in the last couple of

months do to wind and dust storm damages. The bills totaled less than $2,500 and I had a $500. deductible.

The rep handling my claim was very nice and the claim was settled in less than a month which I really think

is a record. I just got notice from the mortgage company that the home owners insurance premium is going

up $12. a month. Knew it was to good to be true that this would not happen. Does not seem quite fair that I

have been paying to them monthly for almost 20 years and this is FIRST claim ever that I get this increase in


Reason of review: Feel like I have been cheated on and the money is not that much..

Monetary Loss: $1500.

Encompass Insurance Cons: Policy changes.

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It isn't ridiculous that your premiums increased due to a claim. Every insurance company assigns you a Risk Tier based off of your personal insurance score and charges you a premium accordingly.

Filing a claim lowers your insurance score and bumps you into a lower (riskier) tier. Some companies try to reward loyalty with accident/claims forgiveness subject to state commissioner approval.

Insurance is for catastrophic losses; it is not a warranty or designed for small claims. I recommend a higher deductible (1/2 to 1% of total dwelling coverage).

Although each company handles claims differently you should schedule an appointment with your agent and discuss what is an insurance score and why doesn't matter? If they don't know, find a new agent.


That's ridiculous. Being penalized for making a claim (after many years) by hiking up your premiums.

During a recent remodel, we discovered water damage and dry rot behind a shower/bath area. I called our insurance company Encompass to open a claim. The adjuster called back the next day to let us know that we had "exclusions" in our policy due to a prior (minor) leak that was repaired on our own. I asked my broker repeatedly to send me a copy of this "exclusion".

To date, I still have not received a copy.

Like you, after years of paying for house and cars and never needing them, the one time I called I was denied.

I wont be renewing with them and I will no longer use the broker.

None of my policy paperwork received over the years has any mention of "exclusions". How convenient.