Mason, Michigan

My wife and myself

Nod myself were in florida for three weeks doing some work.When we came home we found a flooded basement do to the ejector pump had failed.I was told it was a sewage back up and it was not covered for replacement moly the clean up which cost 10,loo

Dollars.i also had 50,000 thousand mold insurance to cover repairs.the part that failed was explained by my Plummer and an adjuster from your company that it was a faulty part and it was covered. I was payed 10,000 for repairs costing 23,000 and told that was all because it was a sewage back when infact it was clearly not and it was a part that failed in the basement and it should have been covered still fighting with them for six weeks have used up my money to fix this and now sitting and waiting.there own adjusters told me it should be covered except the one that has no idea what he is doing now it is attorney time what else to do

Monetary Loss: $38000.

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That was a sewage backup claim. You can blame your "sell by the premium" agent for not adding this coverage in for you.

As an example..

15k in coverage costs $68.00. I would yell at your agent, not Encompass!


You do not know what you are talking about, doesn't matter that it was a faulty part. Doesn't change the fact that the loss is due to back up of sewer or drains.