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I have had Encompass for my auto carrier for many years, and have had several claims with them. Their adjusters were extremely fair and honest, and payment was swift.

No hassles ever. I have, for many years, been an insurance agent (not representing Encompass). And so I well understand the business of insurance. I am very happy to have them as my auto insurance protector, and recommend them highly.

Top rated stars on all areas.

On one occasion, my front windshield was brocken from something that was thrown from the tire of a truck. Encompass set up the apot for replacement, and as it was being replaced, the shops worker dropprd the glass, putting a deep gouge in the fender paint. The shop sent me to an autobody shop that would only repair it by taking a little tube of paint and brushing it on the crack (a repair costing around $25.00)'.

I told Encompass, and they paid me the next day to have the gouge sanded and fethered in to the panels. Then they went after the shop.

Again, a great company to do business with.

Reason of review: Good customer service.

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