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I purchased a homeowner's insurance policy from Encompass and paid the full year in advance. Six months later I received a bill from them for what amounted to a 50% premium increase. Since I knew I had paid the full amount in advance I assumed it was an error. Instead, I learned that because my replacement cost appraisal came in higher than expected this bill was to pay for the increased premium. I guess this is somewhat understandable except that I wasn't told any of this until six months later. But ok, it is all still fixable if Encompass would simply refund the unused portion of the prepaid amount based on the orginal agreed to premium. But, no depsite the fact that the replacement cost appraisal and associated premium increase were never communicated to me until 6 months after signed the policy, Encompass and my insurance broker, JYS Agency, decided they would simply keep my full year payment.

Dishonest and dishonorable.

Never use Encompass.

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Encompass Insurance guarantees the replacement of your home, so they do require that high cost dwellings are appraised. Check the rules of your state though. In Illinois, they must change the dwelling coverage amount within 60 days of policy issue.


I agree with LisaL. Of course the agent should have also worked with you by letting you know your home was under insured, however Encompass would have mailed you an endorsement showing the increase in premium shortly after the inspection. Read your mail.


..."it is all still fixable if Encompass would simply refund the unused portion of the prepaid amount based on the orginal agreed to premium." Did you cancel you policy? That is the only way you would be due any refund.

If your agent had listed the correct value for your home this would not have happened. Maybe your complaint is with the agent and not the company.


Let me see if I understand your complaint, you had a policy issued for your home and the it undervalued your home. You paid it in full.

The insurance company, through a property inspection, discovered your home was undervalued and increased the limits so that in the event of a total loss you would be adequately covered.

This increased your premium as the insurance company has taken on a greater risk. Where does returning your premium fit into this scenario?