On January 13, 2010 iwas in an accident. I Was traveling northeast on Plainfield road.

It was 7 pm. There was a power outage and everything was dark. All I saw was yellow clashing lights on the north side and red and blue lights on the south side of the street. At route 83 and fieldstone/Garfield dr, I stopped at a stop sign that was placed in the middle of the street.

While stopped I was rearended by a car travelling at least 45 mph, the posted speed limit. 2 officers saw the accident. I suffered herniated disks. L4 and L5.

Completely blown out. Overnight I aged 50 years. Encompass completely denied my claim. They didn't pay for anything.

I have over $200,000 of medical bills that they have denied. 2 police officers witnessed the accident and they act like it never happened. I know that I will win at trial, but this is ridiculos. This was easy to solve.

Pay my medical bills and replace my suv.

That's all I wanted. Now I'm hiding from creditors and the health care professionals that helped me have not been paid.

Product or Service Mentioned: Encompass Insurance Claim.

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What about the insurance company for the car that hit you?

to Curious Atlanta, Georgia, United States #666165

curious hit the nail on the head here. Your bashing your insurance company when you got rear-ended by another car company?

Also - not all medical is paid by auto accidents.

They are also paid by your own medical.

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