Providence, Rhode Island

I was in an accident with an Encompass customer. The other driver was found 100% at fault. I was with out my car for 2 weeks. I spoke to the Encompass agent assigned to my claim and was told to go ahead and rent a car and give them the Encompass claim number.

Everything was taken care of several months ago. Now, 5 months after the accident I find out that Encompass has refused to pay the rental company and they (the rental company)have charged it to my credit card.

I feel bad for anyone who uses this company for their insurance. They cost me $595 out of my pocket.

Product or Service Mentioned: Encompass Insurance Customer Care.

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Did you call the Encompass claims adjuster and fax them a copy of the bill? Unless the adjuster tells you they are unable to pay, I would not go off what the rental agency says. If the adjuster was unable to pay, they should explain why.


Prepaid Legal love issues like this. What Encompass did or what their policy is, isn\'t necessarily the law.

I won a similar case using my prepaid legal account.

It cost me $25 for my lawfirm to correct the problem. Enroll at attornies will get you satisfaction or money back.