San Antonio, Texas

After Encompass run a credit report on me, it decided to start adding drivers that live in the mobile home park of more than 300 mobile homes to my policy. I tried calling them to ask for an explanation but refused to give me one and told me I should speak with my agent who said that Encompass just decided that anyone that lives in the complex will be added to my policy, that like living in apartments and everybody is added to the policy. My agent talked to Encompass but they can't understand or do not want to just add fees to my policy

Monetary Loss: $400.

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I have kemper auto insurance and they are doing that same thing to me. The company decided to run a search on my address and add all the people that have lived at that address.

It was thwn up to me to prove that those people didnt live there anymore. Im searching for a new company .


I have worked in the insurance industry before and this is your agents doing. He is the one that handles the people that are added and your agent didnt do it correctly. I dont love insurance companies, but this is not the companies doing, its your agent not doing the application correctly.


Take your business elsewhere. Auto insurance is very easy to get and switch companies.