Update by user Jan 12, 2015

This company is ridiculous. My insurer informed me months ago that Encompass and (my insurance) entered into a neutral arbitration process where both companies send their investigations of the claim.

The neutral company views all evidence and decides who was at fault. That process completed on Jan 4, 2015. I was found NOT AT FAULT for any damages that occured and not financially liable. Therefor the Encompass insured driver was at fault, which means encompass is financially liable.

I waited for Encompass to call me to discuss from Jan 4 to Jan 12th and contacted them.

They continue to deny the claim. Uploaded is the written document my insurer sent me regarding the outcome of the arbitration process.

Update by user Dec 01, 2014

The at-fault encompass insurance insured driver was cited at the scene for causing the accident "unsafe lane change" the document uploaded is her attorney signing the citation admitting that she in fact did make an unsafle lane change. I removed the names of all involved.

At the bottom of the document: "I certify that under the penalty of perjury under the laws of the State of Washington that I committed the above infraction [...]"

My car is still wrecked in my driveway.

Its been 3 months. All I have received from encompass insurance is semi-threatening letters from encompass stating that their insured did everything right, trying to convince me that the accident was my fault and that lying to them is punishable under law.

Original review posted by user Sep 16, 2014

9/17/14 at 1245 PM. Encompass insured driver in a Jeep Grand Cherokee made a lane change without checking to see if a vehicle was next to her. I was in a small 2 door car, next to her as she made a lane change and forced me out of my lane and into a parked car.

Police were called and they came to the scene to take the report.

Police report narrative(EXACTLY how it is in the police report(names removed):

driver#2(me) told me that he was NB on 35th ave sw in the curb lane when vehicle #1 put on her turn signal and moved into his lane causing him to swerve to get out of the way. This action forced him into striking vehicle #3 (legally parked). Driver#1(her) told me that she put on her turn signal and began to change lanes when she saw that #2 was in the curb lane and moved back into her own lane. #1 was NB in the inside lane at the time. #2(me) told me that he was just behind #1 putting him in her blind spot. #1 was cited for an unsafe lane change..."

There is also a diagram drawn by the police officer included in the report showing my vehicle next to hers.

On 8/21/2014 Encompass claims adjuster Andy called me at 1030AM and denied the claim stating to me on the phone "You made an unsafe swerve" so we are denying liability.

On 9/3/2014 I called Andy and asked for his supervisor contact info and a written claim denial letter. Written on 9/3/2014 the day I asked for an official denial letter: "The driver of your vehicle made an unsafe turning motion caused by an overreaction to our insured beginning a lane change. As no contact was made between the two vehicles our insured has no liability in this loss."

I spoke with Andy's supervisor Linette and asked her to review the claim, and she also upheld the denial: Quoted from my voicemail: "[...]stay with liability denial based on fact that no contact between the vehicles we are considering inappropriate evasive action and not accepting liability."

I was right next to this woman's Jeep Grand Cherokee in a 2 door car. She was negligent in checking to see if a vehicle was in the lane she wanted to be in before making her lane change.

If you have encompass insurance, I would find a better insurer. I am going to be forced to have to sue this woman for damages.

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I think I will be filing a complaint against Safeway insurance! They are horrible especially their adjusters!


File complaint with the DOI, you will receive a phone call from the insurance company then.


Never play around with any insurance company. The love of money is the root to all evil.

They are in the business to get every dollar and pay you pennies. I will advised everyone to make sure you take out double insurance so you can get paid through your own insurance company if something happens.



Since encompass denied responsibility. I sued the woman who ran me off the road in small claims court. 2 days after I served her the paperwork encompass had checks in the mail.


While I sympathize and understand your point of view and frustration, your choice of maneuver causing you to strike a parked car is problematic in making a successful claim. You would have been far better off if you remained in your lane even if the other vehicle struck you since you didn't avoid a collision by your choice of action anyway. This would have confirmed the liability as they cannot be held responsible for "not " hitting your car.


I dumped Allstate after they lied to me about my coverage... it took a lawyer to get me the benefits I paid for ...

that should never happen. They like the premiums, but will do everything they can to avoid paying, including lying.


I have allstate for my homeowners insurance. until this happened I was OK with Allstate.

I will be switching homeowners insurance to a different company. Encompass just lost thousands for allstate as I would likely have kept allstate to avoid the hassle of switching companies.


I had a similar issue with this company.. I would like to think they're just incompetent, (that's the nicest

thing I can say about Encompass)...One would do themselves justice to DUMP this Allstate co. if insured

in any way by them...IMO

@Encomp*** victim

Had to sue Farmers Ins when house burned. They wanted to paint over smoke dry wall and only replace half windows which broke in fire Nd would not match those that didn't break.

In court Judge scolded co reps and made them pay twice what they offered. Talked to six attys before one took case. Adjuster quit because he was new and didn't know how dishonest I was.

Took a year to get house rebuilt. VP of co fired when Farmers bought by British