Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

This is by far the worst insurance company I have dealt with. When they initially billed us, we found several "mistakes" on their pricing after we really looked at how they came up with it. They applied one accident on our record twice and they also bumped up coverage over what we really wanted.

The worst part was their claim service as it borders on fraud. We had a water damage claim in early July. They delayed 5 weeks in even getting anyone out here to inspect the claim. The plumber who inspected the claim was browbeaten by the claim adjustor in order to twist his assessment what was needed to fix the problem so that the claim award could be minimized.

In fact, their proposal for fixing the problem did not even meet our local plumbing code. They argued that their work proposal did meet the code but when we presented them with the code itself which showed that they were wrong, they changed their story to then say that they were not obligated to pay for work that meets minimum code standards.

Needless to say, I am taking them to the State Insurance Commissioner's office. I would urge anyone who suspects they are not being dealt with properly by them to do the same. They are very clearly a company who will distort and cheat in order to avoid or minimize their claims. They also make it so difficult and time consuming that it could be argued that they know many people will just roll over. DON'T ROLL OVER. Take them right to the commissioners office. Once more thing. The law states that if it is found that insurance companies are working in "bad faith" you are eligible for triple damages! Don't let them scam you either!

Product or Service Mentioned: Encompass Insurance Claim.

Monetary Loss: $9.

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Good for you. Please file a complaint to let them know that we as consumers will not take anymore from them.

Encompass is full of ***, 1 of their drivers hit my car. She then told the police one thing at the scene and told encompass (her company) something totally different. They first said they would cover my rental vehicle, then when the bill reached 2 grand (in just 35days) they said they would find it a 50/50 loss, which I was not accepting b/c I had done nothing wrong. The next week they just flat out denied the claim.

Even though all evidence pointed at their insured being guilty.

BTW on top of that she ignored them for 30 days (guess she had 2 come up with another lie about the accident scene). I will be filling a complaint with the insurance bureau for my state and also the BBB.


I agree with you. My son had his audio system stolen from his car.

They sent out and "independent adjuster" that had to come out twice to get the pictures encompass wanted. Then they told us they wouldn't cover the system because it wasnt "permanent" It wasnt until I advised them I had sought counsel, that I would record all conversations, that I wanted a different adjuster and that I was seeking quotes from their competitors due to their unprofessionalism (I mean really surly behavior and hanging up during a conversation) that they changed their tune and decided to act appropriately.


I am with Encompass because CNA (it's predecessor)...was awesome!...I worked for them until these *** took over....I now have a water damage claim that is about to become a "Bad Faith" claim...Never have I dealt with any one who was so determined to screw me....Can't wait for the renewal date...I'm outta here!!