Carlisle, Pennsylvania

I never had to file a claim with Encompass, but when I switched to a different insurance company and tried to cancel my Encompass policy, they wouldn't let me!

I had canceled my car insurance policy with them effective as of September; I phoned their office, and I followed their instructions with what to fax to their office to cancel. They sent me a final bill, I paid up, and I thought I was finished with them.

Then in December they sent me another final bill that had insurance coverage through November -- they added extra months past my cancellation and wanted me to pay them over $300.

I mailed the insurance agent a letter explaining that the final bill was not correct, and I included a copy of the original fax that I'd sent her canceling my insurance effective in September. They called me and told me that there was another release form I need to fill out, and it was impossible for me to cancel insurance without this form. This didn't make any sense, because they already had sent me paperwork canceling insurance effective in December; if I didn't fill out this release form and therefore wasn't able to cancel in September, then how were they able to cancel my insurance in December?

But I filled out the form and faxed it back in December. This is the third time that I told them I wanted to cancel (once by phone, and twice by fax).

That was the last time I heard from Encompass, until late January when I received a notice from a collections agency stating that I owed Encompass the amount of money that they wanted for insurance coverage through November.

All those faxes and phone calls and they still never straightened out the cancellation date and final bill.

Fortunately I had saved all the copies of faxes, fax transmission reports, photocopies of letters I had sent them, and the canceled check. I put everything together and wrote a letter explaining that I was being charged for two months of extra insurance past my cancellation date. I had to file a complaint with our state insurance administration, and eventually Encompass sent me a letter "forgiving" the final bill.

It was so frustrating -- it took me six months to straighten out a policy cancellation with them. They made a billing error, and then they kept ignoring my faxes and phone calls and instead sent the error to a collection agency. I can't imagine what happens when someone actually needs to file a claim.

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