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My car was hit by a driver with Encompass Insurance. There was no dispute that the other driver was at fault. My car was a total loss. It should be a fairly straightforward claim - simply compensating me for the loss of my vehicle.

Now, four months later, I still have received nothing from Encompass. They've taken my vehicle, valued it at laughably low rates, and never compensated me. The incompentence of the company is amazing. It ranges from continually misspelling my name and repeatedly mailing documents to incorrect addresses, to failing to respond to my claim.

Avoid Encompass if possible!

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If you're ever in an auto accident and the person responsible has Encompass Insurance, do yourself a favor. Pay your deductable and let your insurance company fight for you.

I made the mistake of thinking Encompass would do the right thing and boy was I wrong. I now need to take Encompass Insurance to small claims court for little things like a taxi to work because they wouldn't pay for a rental car.

BTW, Encompass is in bed with Enterprise Car Rentals. If you need a rental go through Enterprise and Encompass may have to pay retail.

Encompass intentially makes you wait. Make sure you tell them you are feeling pain, even if you're not. Whiplash can be painful two weeks after the accident but not immediately. Encompass Insurance will ask you to say your not hurt when you MAY be and they'll use that against you.

And (removed) from Encompass Insurance... *** YOU ***. I hope your crackhead babies die of AIDS.


all of your complaints are legit, remember who created them-allstate............i had the displeasure of subjecting myself to their unethical practices, their going under. encompass will no longer be it's just a matter of time, the clock is ticking.


Any comments on their homeowners?


My 5 yr old daughter and I was hit by a driver insured with these bozos and that was over a yr ago. they totaled my car which was our only transportation and took a wk to get me a rentat while they were deciding to total it.

I was on the couch 3 months with whiplash, had to beg for a ride everywhere and because my husband and I were having to share a truck he bought, I could not make 2 appointments while pregnant through the summer to my doctor,and I miscarried and nearly bled to death. I had to go on antidepressants and my bloodpressure shot through the roof, and I could not work or go to school. It turned my families life upside down. I still had to pay nearly $1300 on the car after they totaled it and paid what they would and they lied and said there was no keys with the car and there was, so they jipped me 200 off that.

My little girl still has nightmares at night, and I cannot sleep for the neck pain that continues a year later. got an attorney and they want to offer me peanuts.

And my little girl also had mile whiplash and still complains of it. These people are miserable and should go out of business.


Don't expect a thing from them. If you didn't know they are owned by Allstate and we all know Allstate sucks.

They even have a website you should visit it sometime, because that is what Encompass is. I'd like to know how many other people have been low balled by them in some way or another, and it you have an attorney expect it to be 4 years before you know anything. Have they ever changed anything on your policy without telling you, like your medpay, how much insurance you carry, or underinsured? Watch out because they will and nobody tells you anything and the papers they send you, you have to hire an attorney to read your policy to you and let you know what it says in laymens terms.

The whole f'ing system sucks.

But this is the biggest racket I've ever seen. Good luck on recovering anything.


Yeah, I had Encompass too. Sure would NOT recommend them either.

HAd a wreck in 07, besides totaling my car, was also injured. They have me under investigation, because 2 doctors say my injury was from the wreck, they don't want to pay, so I can't even get medical coverage for my injuries now!!!

My medical ins won't cover the injuries because it is pre exsisting!

So while I wait, I can't even be treated.

I have a lawyer on it, but who knows how long that will take??!!!