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My husband and I switched to Encompass a little over a year ago. It had promise of great customer service, great roadside assistance, and affordable premiums. While we do believe that the cost was affordable when it came down to the importance of needing insurance (filing a claim and getting assistance) everything went to ***!

My husband got a flat tire this morning at 5 am. He called me and I thought "Let's call Encompass for our great roadside assistance!" Wrong. I called the operating line twice. Got disconnected twice. Called a third time and spoke with a Monica, shortly, until my call got disconnected again (I had 5 cell reception bars on my phone). She had already confirmed with me a number to call me back at in case of situations like this, but neglected to ever call me back.

I called for a 4th time and spoke with a Beth. She was very kind and helpful, however, when she looked up my policy number she questioned if this was for a car on a separate policy. No. My husband and I share a policy. I was reading HIS insurance card with his car info that we received two days prior in the mail for the upcoming year, along with a packet outlining our benefits. Beth told me that only my car was listed, and they showed no record of his vehicle. That's SO FUNNY because we've only been paying into it ALL YEAR and just received a new insurance card and explanation of benefits!

Beth was helpful and gave us all the options she could at that point... Which were unfortunately waiting 4 hours until Encpmpass opens to find out what is wrong with our account (mind you, a separate issue from being CURRENTLY stuck on the side of the road). Or paying God knows how much out of pocket on a major credit card to have someone service our vehicle and then in the future turning in the receipt for (hopefully) a refund. No thank you. I thanked Beth for her kindness and all the help she had to offer, and reassured her that I knew it wasn't her fault (because working in customer service is a ***), but the fact that we pay into this company every month and can't get a *** hand in a time of REAL need, is unacceptable. We're definitely switching to a different company today.

Product or Service Mentioned: Encompass Insurance Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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