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Twice we have had cars totaled by drivers with Encompass Insurance. The first time we were naive about their bad faith practices; i.e.

under valuing the car, refusal to authorize a rental, refusal to take responsibility until they go the police report (which after five weeks they claim they haven't received, though my husband was able to get a copy in seven days and faxed it to Encompass!), stall, delay, stall, delay, stall, delay is their general mantra. I suppose they figure that we poor victims will give up and just settle for whatever numbers they pull out of the sky, which is what we did the first time.

This time, however, we are fully aware of their bad faith and intend to fight until we come to a fair and equitable settlement on the value of the car.

The only poetic justice in all of this is that I have discovered a family member has Encompass Insurance with three houses, a boat and two cars and I have convinced her to drop them and take her business to Erie. What goes around comes around!

Product or Service Mentioned: Encompass Insurance Claim.

Monetary Loss: $8.

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I am just now going through what u went thru. I have worked In this same industry for several years and its even mote frustrating to me a insurance company could act this way. There r good companies out there I work for one of them.


Keep up your fight with them! Mention the pain in your neck that is getting increasing worse and you are thinking you need to go to the doctor... man, did they want to settle quickly when I mentioned a doctor.

Good luck!!


got the same problem with them now.

they denied the claim even though their driver got a ticket for causing the accident!