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I was hit by an encompass insured driver. My car was parked, I wasn't even in it.

One of their assessors came out to write up an estimate. I showed the estimate to my repair place. They explained to me that since there was a small scuff in the bumper prior to the incident that encompass was taking betterment on it and that the estimate included an aftermarket bumper because my bumper was already damaged. Regardless of prior damage, my bumper now has to be replaced.

I was fine with the aftermarket bumper, now that the car is already being repaired I am told that I am responsible for part of the cost because of the existing small scuff in the bumper.

The representatives at encompass refuse to listen to reason. I do not have money to pay for part of my bumper, which would not have had to be fixed if it had not been struck by their insured.

Product or Service Mentioned: Encompass Insurance Auto Claim.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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Nothing worse than this baloney manipulation. I'd be mad, too.

What about your own insurance company ?

Have you checked with them ?

And your car is out of service. What arrangements have you made there ?

You may want to consult an expert if your company can't help.

Don't sign any release forms from encompass.


Same thing happened to me! I was hit by their insured.

I was driving on the main road going the speed limit when their insured backing out of their driveway hit me. Photos of the impacts (rear bumper, side panel) proves there is nothing I could have done. They admit theu saw me and thought i had passed besides that I had the right away. They claim liability based on assumptions not facts.

They manipulate and tey to intimidate. All in bad faith. Their repair estimates are lowball with aftermarket poor quality parts. They steer us to using their recommened bodyshops and parts vendors.

Mind you their recommended parts distributer when googled shows 0 reviews and they are not registered! There is no info on their parts vendors company!!

If their are more people in our position I say we move forward and take this company down. This is unjust and they keep getting away with it!