Kingston, Ontario

In the middle of June, I called Emcompass to ask advice on what to do with the AC unit that just failed at our home that we had just bought. They said they would call a service technician to diagnose the problem and would call me right back with a day and time.

A few days went by and I heard nothing. I called Emcompass again. The reason they didn't call me back was because there was no service tech in my area or company that they deal with so they didn't know who to call. They suggested that I call a service company that I wanted to use, pay for the consultation and submit the receipt to them.

I did. I heard nothing back from them for 4 weeks when I called again to ask why they hadn't followed through with the diagnosis. Apparently they had difficulty getting in touch with my technician, even though I had given them the office number, his work cell and his private cell number. Needless to say I was less than impressed, and miraculously, the Encompass agent called me back within an hour to say that she was able to get a hold of him.

After several phone calls after this between myself, Encompass and the service tech, I found out that that is was a compressor failure, and so, Encompass said they would give me the money towards purchasing a new compressor for the AC unit. The unit is old, inefficient and out of date, so we decided to buy a new one. Did I mention that at 9 months pregnant, it's now August, and I still have to wait 2 more weeks for the unit to be installed. Worse, we have to pay upfront the cost of the AC unit then submit the receipt to Encompass.

Needless to say their customer service is AWFUL!! I did all the calling, the appointment making, the follow up, the payments, everything. I'm suprised I even got a cheque 6 weeks after the first service call from Encompass that paid for it minus the $50 we pay initially to start a claim. This was offered to us one year free through our mortgage, and I will not be paying to continue it in the future.

I already have a job, a baby on the way and I'm not looking to work for free for them. Totally not worth your time or money.

Product or Service Mentioned: Encompass Insurance Claim.

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Did they pay for the new AC unit?


EXACTLY!!! i just went through the same thing!!!



I've been insured by these people for well over 10 yrs with no previous claims on 4 residential properties and 5 automobiles. A small fortune in premiums!

My 1st claim this yr was from a burst water pipe in daughters house. Initial estimate from them was approx 10,000 on a repair that actually ended up costing 22,000. I did get them to refigure the claim up to close to this amt but only after a tremendous hassle working with inept adjuster.

I still haven't received final check for "recoverable depreciation". if they treat a very profitable account like mine this poorly, I can't imagine how a little guy with a single home and 2 cars would be treated!

This is my last year with them!


To the retarded Americans saying this isn't an "Insurance" issue, or what insurance is for, maybe you should try understanding that this is an Encompass Home Warranty plan that you pay for with your mortgage, to cover THE EXACT problem that the original poster had.

Ignorant to say the least, so keep your comments to yourself.


You posted in a forum for Encompass Insurance customers, based in the U.S. You complained about a Canadian firm.

Think now...who was being ignorant?


You should feel lucky! Insurance isn't even supposed to cover breakdown like that.

It's as warranty issue, not an insurance issue!!

And you're complaining? Wow!


Did you ever think to contact your agent? They should have gone through all the calling and leg work to get the ball rolling.

But needless to say, you have an AC unit that malfunctioned and no longer works. This is not what insurance is for.

Insurance is for catastrophic loss, not for appliances getting old and not working anymore. If you want to have back up plans fo appliances, BUY THE WARRANTY!


I have had or thought I had a policy with Encomapss. I bought a house in 2009, and I had a policy with them.

Recently I was going to refinance my home. I go to the bank and they tell me that they can't find where my insurance has been paid for this past year, and I have an overage in my escrow account. This was news to me because I haven't had a claim or anything changed since I bought the house. I received no notice of any kind, and now am having a hard time getting insurance on my home because of a lapse of insurance.

It has now fallen on me to pay double the price to get any insurance because I was dropped for some unknown reason. Thanks a lot Encompass for just dropping my policy and not contacting me before doing so.

@Dropped for no reason

Encompass is a warranty , not insurance.


Please help me , do you still have the Fone #?

Send to me , Thak You.

Mark F.

Thanks for you info. I am wondering: did you get the full value of you a/c compressor unit less $50 from Encompass?

Just how much $ did you receive?

Aside from the pain of having to do the leg work, it does sound like the "warranty" worked. Am I wrong?


Encompass Home Warranty is a Canadian firm. Not connected in any way with Encompass Insurance.

Encompass Insurance does not sell warranty products, and does not sell any products in Canada.