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On Jan 13, my 8 month pregnant daughter was in a car accident where another driver spun out of control hitting her and totaling her vehicle. State Farm was that guy's insurance but they claimed the driver was covered for enough to pay for her vehicle to be replaced.

We then sent it to our insurance, Encompass. Their adjuster, Rudy Gail, has taken his sweet time, today is Feb 15th, in giving us his appraisal. He has come back with $13k for a 2004 4runner sport edition fully loaded with sunroof and that is including the $1000 sales tax. I told him NADA's quote was $14,825 and Kelly BB was $14, 260, when you add the sales tax that is $1000 more, so $15, 825 and $15, 260.

I found tons of comparable vehicles online. He found one that sort of came close to his figure, it was $13650, with sales tax that would be $14, 650. Even his own figures disagreed with his quote! Yesterday he cancelled her rental car, even though our policy was for 30 days, Encompass had only been covering since, Feb 2nd.

He left her stranded with a 5 day old baby and NO CAR!!!! This is appalling.

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100% agreed in a similar situation with progressive. no protection under the law to speak of and I've met lawyers who have a hard time with the language in the contracts. btw I'm an insurance agent and yes it is made to confuse you and cover their ***.


You are wrong. I am not greedy.

I have given Encompass over $200,000 worth of business over the last 20 years, since they were CNA. In which time, I have only filed 2 claims. You are unknowledgable and speak without consideration.

And, you either do, or could, work for Encompass because your attitude is perfect for what they represent.

For all others who've suffered like me, you shouldn't have to fight until you nearly have a stroke for your rights against shady insurance companies. We should have more protection under the law against these kinds of bad faith practices.


You're too greedy!!!