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My parked car was recently totaled by an Encompass insured driver. The company is slow in processing claims and are stalling to get me a rental car!

They are saying the rental is my issue ansd I should be going through my insurance to get the rental car! That is *** I am Not happy.

They are unprofessional and very rude. My car was parked!

She hit it head on going 30mph! And they want to blame me?! Please!!! This is the most irritating thing that I have had to deal with!

Even the police department said it was her fault. The called the insurance company and started yelling and that didn't phase them!

David Nolan at Encompass is incompetent! Don't ever talk to him!!!!!

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Worst company ever. Not just limited to insurance companies, no I mean worst company.

Was re ended by encompass driver OVER a month ago and am just now talking about a settlement even though they agreed almost a month ago to pay for the $2500 worth of repairs. However, just now Joe Juneski tells me that the value is only about $1750 so they can only pay up to that. The incompetent *** should have checked vehicle history before saying they would pay. Takes more than a month to figure out I'm getting bent over.

What an ***!

I understand that a vehicle is only worth so much before it's deemed totaled but do your homework before you throw around figures you say you'll pay. The fool keeps repeating the numbers like I am an incapable child.

Worst time ever. Glad it should be almost over


i understand because i am going through a similar process with them because one of their drivers is at fault for the damage to my car. I have waited for a week to receive the check and they have not tried to contact me since the adjuster came to look at the car.


We recently filed a minor claim for wind damage in the wake of Hurricane Irene with Encompass. We've insured our home and cars with them for seven years.

We received our claim check in the mail about 10 days ago. Our homeowners policy was almost completely paid for the year, which usually means they send a no payment due bill. We called our local agency to check how much we should pay for this month, only to find Encompass had terminated our policy for being in arrears. We received no written notice.

How could we be in arrears when our policy renews every June, and we've already paid all but two months' worth of premiums? The coincidence between the timing of our claim and this termination infuriates me, given our claim was well below what we pay in premiums each year. How dare they?

We're contacting our attorney first thing in the morning. :(


When my property had a fire, Encompass, you imagine, would have sent a check, right? NO! They sent a lawyer. I just got out of the hospital after having 2 heart procedures and a total hip replacement, and they sent the head of the bar association to question me for 2 1/2 hours, with no proper seating and only asked 1 question regarding the property. I had to hire a lawyer to represent me for this. She initially said that these take 15 or 20 minutes. This *** sat there speaking very slowly, pausing at will, while I stood there in pain for 2 and a half hours! Also watching my lawyers clock tick tock into more money.

Encompass Insurance is a JOKE. They will collect your premium. BUT, they know more lawyers than you do!

I tried to file an ethics claim against their lawyer. Oh, did I mention he was the head of the county bar association?

If Someone Says Encompass Insurance, a subsidiary of Allstate Insurance, RUN !


In the midst of an insurance investigation. I was hit by an Ecompass driver who ran the red light and totaled the front of my celica 2000.

They towed my car to a storage facility. I talked to insurance rep Christopher Pierce the next day for about an hour. Later in the week I get a letter saying there are not responsible for storage fees beginning the day I spoke wit the ins. rep.

WTH ! Why couldnt the insurance rep tell me that over the phone when I talked to him. Very slow in processing claims. Then the ins.

rep goes on vacation leaving me completely in the dark. I hate Encompass.

I agree with everybody here that they truld do suck. Someone should report this company to the BBB.


very,very bad company !!! :(


I am an Encompass insurance holder I have never filed a claim I driver an 2004 Lexus Suv 6years old never a filed a claim and I am treated like some Teenager that had an accident. They 1st want to only give me $20.00 a day toward a car rental to get a compact automobile!

Huh I haven't driven a compact since I was in college and I am 45yrs old!! Then they tell me I can't drop my vehicle off on a Friday because my car is drivable and they won't give me a rental!!! What??? First of all its my day off if I don't take it then when am I suppose to and I work???

The auto body place that I am taking it to is so busy that if I don't take it on in then other cars will get in front of me before mine can be repaired so its going to sit anyway rather its a weekend or weekday!!! I had to call the claims guy Shawn Belevedere back to find this out and he treated me like i was some child and I have paid my premium 6yrs with no claims till now. I tried to call my agent and I am not going to blame him right now but if he doesn't get this straight I will be moving to another agent and most certainly Encompass. I refuse to continue with them.

Oh their appraiser quoted my Lexus with aftermarket parts (refurb parts) What I for a Lexus.

It just shows they really don't care and they're just take your expensive payments based on the type of auto you have but treat you like your auto means nothing to them. I am fed up and seekin another co.and I will pay more monthly than to have to deal with this type of customer service and claims!